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Postdoctoral Fellow   File:PDF file icon.svg - Wikimedia Commons

The Cardiovascular Bioengineering & Imaging (CBI) laboratory is seeking a highly motivated postdoctoral research fellow in the field of cardiovascular translational imaging for hire in 2020. The fellow will have the opportunity to drive research projects to evaluate novel heart failure treatments with state-of-art cardiac MRI techniques and develop/advance cutting-edge cardiovascular MRI pulse sequences in both pre-clinical and clinical settings. The successful candidate will join a vibrant, multi-disciplinary, translational, and collaborative research environment at a world-class institution. Flexibility to pursue research in the candidate’s areas of interest and applications for grants and fellowships for career advancement will be supported where applicable.
EDUCATION:  Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Biophysics, or related discipline is required
EXPERIENCE: Experience in MRI pulse sequence programming, image reconstruction, and/or image post processing. Prior experience with cardiac MRI is a plus.
REQUIREMENTS: Track record of publications in scientific journals and/or conferences, effective communication skills, and the ability to work both independently and as a team player in a multidisciplinary team.
Posted June 15, 2020
Interested? Email Dr. Nguyen directly with a one page statement of research interests and career goals as well as a full CV with contact information for three references to Questions and informal inquiries are welcome

Research Assistant (3082971)

The laboratory of Christopher Nguyen, PhD in the Cardiovascular Research Center and Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging is seeking a Research Technician for basic molecular biology methods, biomedical engineering applications, and large animal work. Position involves working on biomedical imaging and therapy evaluation in a biomedical engineering cardiovascular imaging lab. The lab develops novel non-invasive cardiovascular imaging techniques with MRI, PET, and optical systems to investigate their efficacy in monitoring novel myocardial regenerative therapies. The lab conducts both preclinical (small and large) and clinical studies. The research technician would be responsible for work on several projects, with two projects of higher priority.  One of the higher priority projects involves performing exercise training for large animals (swine) that will be scanned with MRI scanners. This would involve daily interaction with live mini swine and working with a veterinarian to exercise the animals on a treadmill for 1 hour. The project will also require coordination for the animal to undergo weekly blood draws by trained veterinarian staff. Candidate *must* be comfortable touching and interacting with swine. Experience in animal handling is preferred. Experience in imaging is a plus. The second high priority project involves histological processing of heart tissue. This involves aiding in the processing of heart tissue by sectioning the tissue and washing samples. The candidate will also be asked to aid other members of the lab in collecting optical imaging of the tissue. The candidate *must* be comfortable with touching ex vivo heart tissue. Knowledge of heart anatomy is preferred. Knowledge of image analysis is a plus. Position offers great opportunities to work with prominent scientists, people from a variety of fields, a great and fun team, opportunities to publish, as well as guidance and support for future career choices.
EDUCATION:  B.S. in Biology, Chemistry, Biomedical Engineering or related discipline is required  
EXPERIENCE:One year of animal experience in laboratory setting, preferred. Previous experience handling swine is highly desirable. Must be comfortable working with animals. Experience in Biostatistical data analysis is preferred but not required. 
Posted Jan 11, 2019
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Undergraduate Intern

The laboratory of Christopher Nguyen, PhD in the Cardiovascular Research Center and Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging is seeking undergraduate interns who are talented, passionate, and eager to learn.
Posted April 22, 2020
Interested? Please contact Dr. Nguyen with a resume and cover letter at
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