The CBI lab focuses on the development and clinical application of novel imaging techniques to evaluate the cardiovascular system including MRI, optical, and PET. Our primary research interests fall into four general areas:

(1) bio-inspired design for heart assisted devices (Scient Robotics 2020)

(2) developing novel cardiovascular imaging techniques leveraging advanced physics and engineering (Nature BME 2018), rapid clinical translation of imaging techniques to patients (Radiology 2020)

(3) validating imaging techniques in preclinical models (JACC BTS 2018)

The ultimate goal of our research is to empower scientists and clinicians with novel imaging technologies to answer fundamental questions in cardiovascular biology and pathophysiology.

Our lab straddles both the MGH Cardiovascular Research Center and MGH/HST Martinos Center for Biomedical at the MGH Charlestown Navy Yard Campus. Feel free to visit us!